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  1. Justice For All

    A voice for clients Nationwide, righting the wrongs through civil litigation.

  2. Compensation

    Relentless pursuit of maximum recovery for victims of intentional acts or negligence.

  3. Accountability

    Forcing institutions and individuals to acknowledge THE HARM and make changes.

  4. Support

    Helping victims become survivors and access resources to rebuild their lives.

Harrisburg Injury Lawyers

There are predators among us, often people in positions of trust. Opportunistic people who take advantage of the vulnerable. Entities that put profits above safety. Individuals who are simply careless or reckless.

It has been said that all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. At Andreozzi & Associates, we speak up for the innocent and take aggressive action. We are committed to justice for people harmed by the intentional acts or negligence of others. Our goal is to hold perpetrators and institutions accountable, forcing them to acknowledge the wrongs and make things right. We pressure entities to make changes that will prevent future incidents and strive for maximum compensation to give clients the resources to get their lives back on track.

A Proven Voice For Victims

Our firm is nationally recognized for our success in sexual abuse litigation. Trial lawyer Benjamin D. Andreozzi represented several of Jerry Sandusky's victims in the Penn State tragedy, and we have handled cases involving abuse by clergy members, day care providers and others entrusted with children. We likewise offer powerful advocacy for victims of violent crimes, holding property owners and employers responsible for hiring practices or security lapses that enabled a rape, mugging or other attack.

On behalf of personal injury victims, we take on insurance companies, corporations and property owners for negligence resulting in injury or death, such as drownings, motor vehicle fatalities, accidental shootings, nursing home abuse or construction site accidents. Our civil litigation practice seeks damages for tangible harm from fraud, defamation, breach of contract or police brutality.

The Justice You Deserve

We can't turn back the clock, but we can help you heal and move forward. The Harrisburg injury attorneys of Andreozzi & Associates, P.C., have recovered millions of dollars for sexual abuse victims and for other children and adults who suffered preventable injuries and crimes. Our legal team supports you through the legal proceedings and the healing process.

We serve clients in Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Philadelphia and statewide Pennsylvania, and we have litigated high-profile cases across the United States. For a free, confidential consultation, call us at 717-686-9936 or toll free at 800-724-5785, or contact us online.