Child Sexual Abuse

Aggressive Representation To Protect Children

Childhood sexual abuse leaves victims with deep scars. For many sexual abuse survivors, it takes decades to work through the complex mix of confusion, anger, shame and depression caused by their abuse. In many cases, it takes decades for childhood sexual abuse victims to even admit what happened to them. Some victims never come forward. Child sexual abuse is unfortunately far too common. Institutions that are entrusted with protecting children from sexual abuse often fail to adequately supervise children in their care. From our locations in Harrisburg, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, we at Andreozzi & Associates, P.C., represent clients throughout Pennsylvania in holding those who enable childhood sexual abuse responsible.

Obtain Justice For Child Sexual Abuse

If you or a loved one has been the victim of childhood sexual abuse, you may be able to file a civil lawsuit against the person who committed the abuse, and against other people or institutions responsible for allowing the sexual abuse to occur. This may include a church, school, day care or foster care agency that failed to screen a perpetrator, or ensure a child is safe in their care. Civil justice for child sexual abuse victims allows survivors to seek closure, and provides the financial resources for victims to obtain the counseling and support they need to rebuild their lives. Holding institutions that enable abuse accountable is also critical in preventing future acts of abuse.

Our firm frequently accepts referrals from other lawyers across Pennsylvania who are familiar with our experience with these difficult cases. Concerned family members and survivors rely on our substantial experience for confidential legal guidance and staunch advocacy to effectively address child sexual abuse in a wide range of settings, including:

  • Schools and colleges — Private and public institutions, from grade schools to universities, can be sued for sexual abuse and assault perpetrated by teachers, employees, students or third parties, even when the abuse occurred off school grounds or the victim was not a student of the school. Our firm represented 11 of Jerry Sandusky's victims against Penn State.
  • Day care and foster care — Sexual abuse is often perpetrated by the very people who are supposed to protect children. We have handled dozens of cases of children abused by child care employees or volunteers, and by foster parents or others in a foster home. We have helped clients seek damages from day cares, foster families and foster placement agencies.
  • Religious institutions — Child predators often use positions in religious institutions to psychologically and spiritually manipulate victims. Such positions allow predators unquestioned access to vulnerable children. Clergy abuse cases are some of the most emotionally charged and sensitive, especially when the church turns its back on the victim, fails to accept accountability or shelters a serial child abuser.
  • Children and youth agencies — Government agencies play a vital role in protecting children. Placing vulnerable children in group or foster homes requires the proper diligence of government workers and the agencies that are responsible for protecting our children. When a government agency created for the protection of children from sexual abuse fails in its duties, we seek justice on behalf of the victim.
  • Youth organizations — Organizations catering to youths, such as the Boy Scouts and athletic leagues, often attract child predators. Counselors, coaches and other adults should be subject to rigorous background checks and other protections before they are entrusted with supervision of children.
  • Victims of child pornography — Under federal legislation known as Masha's Law, victims of child pornography can bring a lawsuit for damages against the personal assets of individuals who are prosecuted for possessing or distributing the images of their abuse.

The First Step Toward Justice Is A Confidential Consultation

Our attorneys handle cases throughout Pennsylvania. If you or a loved one has suffered from childhood sexual abuse, please contact us to arrange a free, confidential consultation to discuss your legal options. Call us toll free at 800-724-5785 or contact us online.