Pennsylvania Clergy Abuse Lawyer

Too often, individuals within church and religious institutions abuse their power and commit horrible crimes against the children, youth and even adults who turn to them in trust. As experienced sexual abuse and assault lawyers, our firm offers aggressive but discreet representation to help victims find closure and justice.

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Cases of sexual abuse and assault within religious organizations can be emotionally wrenching and sensitive cases. Officials within religious institutions can sometimes try to cover up the abuse by quieting witnesses and reassigning the offender. The sexual abuse lawyers at Andreozzi & Associates, P.C., fight back on behalf of our clients, ensuring the perpetrators are made to answer and pay for their crimes. These organizations need to be kept accountable, and aggressive litigation is one way to make that happen. It can also act as a lesson for others who may be involved in a sexual assault or coverup within a church or religious group.

Sexual Abuse Attorney In Pennsylvania | Religious Groups And Institutions

If you have been sexually abused or assaulted by your church or other religious institution, we can help. We offer free, completely confidential initial consultations to help survivors of sexual abuse find healing, closure and justice through litigation.

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