Schools And Colleges

Sexual abuse and assault on children and youth in schools or colleges is a heinous offense and deserves to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law in both criminal and civil suits. Andreozzi & Associates, P.C., has extensive experience handling sex crime cases brought against private and public schools, school districts, colleges and universities throughout Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York. We're dedicated to standing up for victims through civil litigation.

Education and thorough employee screening goes a long way to preventing child abuse and sexual assault within schools. Children AND adults need to be educated on sexual abuse, and the fact that the real risk can often come from trusted authority figures, not just random strangers.

Unfortunately, abuse does happen in schools, and as civil attorneys specializing in sexual assault cases, we're here to stand up for survivors of abuse, helping them to find closure, healing and justice.

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, don't stay quiet. Stand up and fight back by giving us a call at 800-724-5785.

Types Of Sexual Abuse And Assault In Schools

Litigation can be brought against schools when an employee, student or third party sexually assaults or harasses someone on school grounds, though in some cases it does not have to take place on the premises.

The most common scenario of a school sex crime is when an employee sexually assaults or harasses a student. Student-on-student sexual assault and harassment also occurs frequently, especially in colleges and universities, and can be grounds for filing a lawsuit either in state or federal court, depending on where the assault happened.

The least common civil claim is one brought against a school by someone who is not even a student. For example, during the case against Jerry Sandusky and Penn State University, our firm represented eight men who were assaulted by Sandusky on Penn State property. Though not students of the school, we argued that the university still owed them a legal duty to protect them from these types of assaults.

School Sexual Abuse Lawyers

Based in central Pennsylvania, Andreozzi & Associates, P.C., is dedicated to pursuing justice, closure and compensation for individuals who have experienced traumatic events, such as sexual assault. We have represented clients across Pennsylvania and surrounding areas, such as Harrisburg, Lancaster, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and New York.

If you have been wronged and are in need of a sex crime lawyer to bring litigation against a school or educational institution, please call us at 800-724-5785 and let us help you.