Child Care Sexual Abuse

Daycares, summer camps, babysitters and other child care providers should provide parents peace of mind that their children will be safe. The sad reality, however, is that child sex abuse occurs in child care settings.

Background checks, proper supervision, and complete child protection policies can prevent child sexual abuse by babysitters, in daycares, summer camps and foster homes. Sometimes this fails to happen, putting children at risk. If your child's daycare, summer camp, babysitter, or other childcare provider enables their sexual abuse, they should be accountable.

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Daycare Sexual Abuse

Children are sadly vulnerable to sexual abuse at daycare. Children are sometimes sexually abused by a daycare employee or another child. We have experience handling cases against daycares.

Babysitter Sexual Abuse

Children are sometimes sexually abused by their babysitter, or while they should be supervised by a babysitter. In either case, you may have a legal claim if you or your child were sexually abused while under the supervision of a babysitter.

Summer Camp Sexual Abuse

Summer camps should be safe places for children to enjoy, where parents can trust their kids will be safe from child sexual abuse. Unfortunately, children are sexually abused at summer camps by staff, volunteers, or other children. We have experience handling cases against summer camps for camps' failures to protect children from sexual abuse.

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