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Sexual abuse and the Orthodox Jewish community

Though it hasn't received nearly the attention that the same issue has in the Catholic Church, a pattern of sexual abuse - and a lack of justice for the victims of that abuse - has been present in the Orthodox Jewish community for years. Enclaves of Orthodox congregants around the country, including sizable ones in Baltimore, New York and Miami, have long denied that such a problem even exists, with many people thinking that such allegations are rumors made up to discredit the church or individual leaders within it. The victims, however, are real, and they are numerous.

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What are the elements of a dram shop liability case?

Although many people in Pennsylvania may see drinking as a harmless social activity, it plays a role in many unnecessary injuries and deaths each year. Besides ranking as a leading cause of car crashes, alcohol use is a factor in an estimated 40 percent of violent crimes throughout the U.S., as the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence reports. Tragically, the victims of these incidents are frequently innocent bystanders.

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Controversy swirls over bill for victims of sexual abuse

Pennsylvania lawmakers are struggling to agree on a new law designed to protect the rights of victims of sexual abuse. As the Philadelphia Inquirer notes, House Bill 1947 had been primarily aimed at extending the statute of limitations for sexual abuse civil cases, meaning that people who had been the victims of childhood sexual abuse would be able to sue the perpetrators of that abuse and the institutions that enabled them decades after it happened. Lawmakers, however, are currently debating over whether the provisions in the bill should be applied retroactively or if they should only be applied to future victims of sexual abuse.

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Crime victims often face serious long-term challenges and complications

Crime poses a huge cost to society, both financially and in less tangible terms. Tragically, the direct victims of criminal activity often bear a substantial portion of this cost. People who have experienced physical attacks, sexual violence or other crimes are often at risk for many lingering health problems and other setbacks. Often, these issues have far-reaching impacts and persist long after the crime in question was committed.

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How are survivors in Pennsylvania affected by sexual violence?

Survivors of sexual abuse often experience lasting emotional and psychological consequences in addition to their physical injuries.

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PA sex trafficking case leads to discussion of remedies for victims

Victims of sexual abuse like child sex trafficking may find relief through a civil suit.

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A minor student at a prep school in Pennsylvania states his college counselor and swim coach sent highly sexualized emails and texts.

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People who have survived a sexual attack, including rape, sexual abuse, or sexual assault may have be traumatized after the incident. Violent sexual attacks affect victims' lives at school, at work, and at home. Unfortunately, sexual attacks are common in Pennsylvania and across the United States. In fact, one in every five women in America is sexually victimized during their lifetime.

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MARCH 19, 2014

The widow of a Hoboken, New Jersey man who was shot and killed during a carjacking at The Mall at Short Hills recently filed a lawsuit against the mall's owners, alleging the mall provided inadequate security to protect patrons. The lawsuit alleges the owners put profits ahead of security because it got rid of off-duty police officers. The lawsuit also cites four previous carjackings at the mall, which may have been sufficient to put the owners on notice that they needed to provide protection from assaults committed on the premises. It will be interesting to see how the lawsuit progresses. Andreozzi & Associates has successfully litigated similar cases, and encourages anyone who has lost a family member at a shopping mall or similar business to reach out.

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MARCH 19, 2014

Emily Nesbit, an 11th grade teacher at Cumberland Valley High School is currently under investigation for performing a sexual act with a male student in her classroom. Police also found numerous text messages between Nesbit and the student that were sexual in nature. It is unclear at this time whether anyone at the school had any knowledge of what was occurring, but it will be interesting to watch this case develop.

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MARCH 13, 2014

Celeste Fulcher recently filed a lawsuit against the owners of Key Club Cabaret in Connecticut on behalf of her daughter, Erika Robinson, who was shot and killed inside the club. A man fired a gun into a crowd at the club, injuring five and killing Robinson. Fulcher and her lawyer intend to hold the club responsible. When a bar like the Key Club opens its doors to the public for profit, they must provide a safe environment, so when a bar like the Key Club does not provide adequate security, it can be held liable. If a loved one has been killed inside a bar or nightclub, it is important you contact a crime victim law firm like Andreozzi & Associates immediately.

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Accidental gun show shooting should remind victims of their rights

Unfortunately, many people overlook the threat of personal injuries from preventable accidents. A recent incident at a Pennsylvania gun show illustrated this risk, and should remind victims to protect their legal rights after an injury.

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Pennsylvania nursing home sued for resident death

The Medford Multicare Center for Living is being sued by the children of a former patient who died at the nursing home two years ago. According to a Newsday report, the 72-year old woman was at the facility to recover from pneumonia. The staff of the Medford Center failed to attach the woman to the ventilator that helped her breathe as ordered by her doctors, leading to her wrongful death. The lawsuit also alleges the Medford Center staff ignored alerts from the woman's room for as long as two hours before she died. This case is not the first against the Medford Center nursing home. Previously, six employees were convicted for their roles in records falsification, as well as nursing home neglect.

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Understanding the effects of sexual assault in Pennsylvania

For victims of sexual assault, the trauma does not always end after the violence has subsided. Assault victims in Pennsylvania often suffer from various emotional, psychological and physical repercussions of the initial attack. Not only can the aftermath of a sexual attack affect a victim's ability to live a normal life, post-attack trauma can make it difficult for people to maintain healthy relationships.

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