Father William C. Mueller

Diocese of Pueblo

Known Assignments:

  • Roncalli High School, Pueblo, CO

Summary of Sexual Abuse allegations against Father William C. Mueller:

In 2005, Marianist Brother William C. Mueller's first victim publicly stepped forward. More than 50 of Mueller's victims have spoken out since.

For five years in the late 1960s and early '70s, a Mueller used ether to subdue dozens of boys at a Catholic high school in Pueblo, under the guise of conducting an "experiment." Instead, Mueller molested and raped them in the band room.

He later transferred to St. Louis, where he continued to abuse students. According to multiple lawsuits, the Diocese of Pueblo and Roncalli High School knew about Mueller's abuse, but nothing was done. Mueller also worked in San Antonio, Texas. According to some reports, the Marianists knew Mueller was abusing children before sending him to Colorado.

Mueller's case resulted in a settlement with the Diocese of Pueblo and Mueller's religious order for $4 million. Another claim was settled in 2010 for $500,000.

Father Mueller left the Marianist Order in 1986.

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