Father William Groves

Diocese of Pueblo

Known Assignments:

  • St. Mary's Catholic Church, Walsenburg, CO
  • St. Ignatius Church, Ignacio, CO

Summary of Sexual Abuse allegations against Father William Groves:

In 1989, Father William Groves was accused of child abuse. Father Groves previously served in Montana, Nebraska and Kansas. He gave a shelter to runaway kinds from Indian and Hispanic countries, and then gave them drugs and alcohol. In 1990, Father Groves pled guilty to a felony involving the sexual abuse of a 14-year-old boy. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail and 4 years probation. Father Groves left priesthood and spent 10 years working as a chaplain at a drugs and alcohol rehab center in Oklahoma. Groves was fired in 2002 when the rehab center learned of his past. He was named in a civil suit by two men in Colorado in 2009. Father Groves reportedly moved to Franklin, North Carolina, where he became a pastor.

Father Groves was ordained in 1980.

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