Orthodox Jewish Sexual Abuse

A study published in 2018 reported that people who leave Orthodox Jewish communities are more than four times as likely to have been sexually abused as the general population.

Sexual abuse within the Orthodox Jewish community is often not reported to police. Remarkably, some Orthodox Jews believe that reporting a Jew to non-Jewish authorities constitutes a religious crime called mesirah. This belief has allowed child predators to victimize many children within Orthodox Jewish communities.

Also, the Orthodox establishment is reported to retaliate against sexually abused children and their parents, with parents shunned by the community and abused children barred from religious schools.

Religious Leaders Can Be Held Accountable

If an Orthodox Jew commits sexual abuse, and is protected by Orthodox Jewish leaders, like a rabbi or the leader of a religious school, then the rabbi, synagogue, school, or other Orthodox institution should be held accountable.

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