Pennsylvania Catholic Abuse

In November 2018, seven of Pennsylvania's Catholic Dioceses announced plans to establish sexual abuse compensation funds.

Many factors will be considered in determining the amount of compensation paid to survivors. These will include the nature of the abuse, the age of the survivor when abused and the long-term effects of the abuse, in addition to many other factors. Each Diocese will administer its own compensation program, as described below:

  • The Philadelphia Archdiocese's compensation fund will be designed and run by Washington, D.C. attorney Kenneth Feinberg, and his co-administrator, Camille Biros. The Philadelphia Archdiocese's fund has a deadline of September 30, 2019. The Philadelphia Archdiocese fund will be overseen by a three-person committee, including former U.S. Sen. George Mitchell of Maine, former interim Philadelphia District Attorney Kelley Hodge, and Lawrence Stengel, a retired federal judge.
  • The Scranton, Pittsburgh, Allentown, and Erie Dioceses have also hired Feinberg and Biros to administer compensation funds. These Dioceses are currently accepting applications for compensation. Their deadlines are rapidly approaching.
  • The Altoona-Johnstown Diocese does not intend to set up a compensation fund as announced by Pennsylvania's other Dioceses.
  • The Harrisburg and Greensburg Diocese funds are now closed.

Did a Diocese Protect Your Abuser?

The clergy at the Catholic Dioceses in Pennsylvania have a history of sexually abusing children and attempting to cover for priests accused of sexual misconduct. They have set aside funds to help victims recover from their traumatic experiences.

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