New Jersey Catholic Abuse

New Jersey's Catholic Dioceses have engaged in a decade's long cover-up of child sexual abuse by clergy. As a result, in September 2018, New Jersey announced the creation of a special task force to investigate allegations of priests' child sexual abuse within New Jersey's Catholic dioceses, and Catholic officials' efforts to cover up that abuse.

There Are Deadlines To File A Claim

Currently, child victims of clergy sex abuse in New Jersey that want to hold the Church accountable in the civil justice system only have until they turn 20-years-old to come forward under the state's civil statute of limitations, with some limited exceptions.

New Jersey, however, may recognize that survivors of clergy sex abuse typically cannot come forward until well into adulthood. Currently, victims' advocates in New Jersey are trying to pass a law that would allow adult survivors of sexual abuse to file lawsuits regardless of their age.

New Jersey's Catholic Dioceses may also establish sexual abuse compensation funds for survivors barred from filing civil actions due to New Jersey's current statute of limitations, like the funds recently announced in New York and Pennsylvania.

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