Assaulted On An Unsafe Property?

Property owners have a responsibility to protect people from certain risks and damages — including sexual abuse and assault.

Apartments, hotels, shopping centers, bars/restaurants and hospitals are all examples of types of property that have a duty to protect people against sexual assault or other injuries. If you have been sexually assaulted on someone's property, you CAN fight back.

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Fighting Back Against Sexual Assault: Bringing All Parties To Justice

Our law firm is dedicated to winning justice and closure for our clients against ALL parties involved in the assault — including those whose responsibility it is to protect people from sexual predators on their property.

We have handled many cases against property owners who failed in their responsibility to others. Examples include claims against parents who have knowledge of their child's sexually predatory behavior and fail to properly supervise the child. Another example is bringing claims against social hosts allowing alcohol to be served that results in the sexual assault of an incapacitated victim. We have even handled claims against international businesses that fail to implement appropriate policies and procedures in hotels to safeguard customers.

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