Buses And Trains

Protecting Passengers Is The Transportation Authority's Responsibility

Public buses and commuter trains are increasingly becoming the scenes of sexual assaults in central Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Sexual predators often take advantage of lone riders late at night or lurk near bus stops and train platforms, waiting for their victims.

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Commercial and public transportation companies in Pennsylvania are required to provide reasonable security at loading stops, stations and on their buses and trains. If you are the victim of a crime involving sexual physical assault while boarding, disembarking or riding a common carrier in Pennsylvania, call Andreozzi & Associates, P.C.

Call to talk to one of our attorneys if you suffered sexual assault on public transportation in Pennsylvania, including:

  • Harrisburg Capital Area Transit
  • Pittsburgh Port Authority of Allegheny County bus transit
  • Philadelphia Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA)
  • Amtrak lines

Do Not Settle With The Liable Party Until You Meet With Us

We focus a significant amount of our litigation practice on protecting the rights of victims of crime. Suffering the indignity, emotional pain and physical injuries of sexual assault can result in lifelong damages requiring medical treatment and counseling. The perpetrator's family, municipality or private transportation company may be ready to settle quickly. We understand the various avenues of compensation available to people injured by sexual assault, and we fight aggressively to make sure that all liable parties are held accountable for the full extent of damages you are entitled to receive.

Contingency Fees For Cases Involving Sexual Assault On Buses And Trains

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