Invasion Of Privacy And Hidden Camera Lawyers

Technology has given predators new ways to prey on victims, including by installing hidden cameras in private spaces like hotel rooms, bathrooms, locker rooms and bedrooms. Secretly recording someone without their permission is a crime, and may subject the perpetrator, and the facility where the recording occurred, to civil liability for a victim's damages arising from this invasion of privacy.

Background checks, proper screening and adequate supervision go a long way toward preventing employees, volunteers or others from placing hidden cameras in hotel rooms, bathrooms, school locker rooms or other private places. Unfortunately, though, such behavior goes undetected, and peoples' privacy is violated. If an institution, like a school or hotel, negligently fails to detect a hidden camera, the entity may be liable.

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Stand Up Against Predators And Negligent Institutions

We at Andreozzi & Associates, P.C., have handled cases against institutions that fail to prevent sexual exploitation. We pursue these cases aggressively, knowing that every civil case won is a step toward justice for the victim and a warning to any others who may try to take advantage of someone else for their own gratification.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of a hidden camera, please be sure to contact an experienced hidden camera and invasion of privacy attorney to take legal action against the guilty and associated responsible parties. A criminal case may take care of the actual perpetrator, but there are often other responsible parties involved who could have prevented the invasion of privacy.

A lawsuit can be brought against all responsible parties in civil court, bringing the victim justice and closure and ensuring responsible parties pay. Please fill out our online form or call us at 800-724-5785 to talk to an experienced sexual abuse attorney. We have offices in Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Pittsburgh, and we will work with clients across Pennsylvania and nationwide.