Sports Leagues

Increasingly, sexual predators are using sports leagues as opportunities for assaulting youth and adults in locker rooms, parking lots, sports parks or buildings used by the league. No matter what waiver you signed when registering for the sports league or recreational activity, it will not release the perpetrator from liability for sexual assault. In many cases, league management or the municipality may also share liability for damages.

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A youth or teen suffering sexual assault at the hands of a trusted coach may suffer tragic lifelong emotional damages. We are an aggressive team of attorneys with years of experience handling complex cases involving the full cost of emotional and physical recovery from the damages of sexual assault - don't settle until you have spoken with us about your options.

We represent individuals and families of victims of sexual assault related to participating in sports and recreational leagues such as:

  • Swim clubs
  • Gymnastics clubs
  • Dance studios
  • Little League baseball and football
  • Volleyball and basketball leagues
  • High school sports leagues
  • Private tennis and golf lessons

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Our sports league sexual assault attorneys represent clients in jurisdictions throughout Pennsylvania, including Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. We offer a free consultation. If we determine that you have a legitimate claim against the perpetrator or any other liable party, we will represent you on a contingency fee basis. You pay no upfront money for attorneys fees or handling your case. We only get paid upon settlement or jury award, if your case proceeds to trial.