Workplace Sexual Harassment

You have the right to go to work without being fondled or propositioned or exposed to offensive behavior. If you have endured sexual harassment and management has failed to do the right thing, the law firm of Andreozzi & Associates, P.C., can support you in legal action to hold your harasser and employer accountable.

We handle sexual harassment litigation in Harrisburg, statewide Pennsylvania and nationwide. In a civil lawsuit, our legal team will pursue your remedies, including compensation for both the economic and emotional impact.

Holding Employers Accountable For Workplace Harassment

We have represented adults and teenagers subjected to sexual assault and sexual harassment in their jobs, by co-workers, supervisors or even customers. Sexual harassment takes many forms:

  • Quid pro quo — Demands for sex in exchange for preferential treatment (or continued employment)
  • Unwelcome advances — Pressure for dates, flowers or gifts; stalking behavior
  • Unwanted kisses, hugs or sexual touching
  • Sexually explicit talk or sexual gestures
  • Comments about your body or clothing
  • Pornographic images or sexual jokes
  • Derogatory comments about your gender

Whether you have endured overt sexual advances or a pattern of sexualized behavior that creates a hostile working environment, you should report it to a supervisor, human resources manager or the owner. The employer has an obligation to protect you from further abuse and to properly sanction the harasser. If your claim is not taken seriously (or if you suffer backlash for reporting harassment), we will file a suit in state or federal court against the company or organization. We will sue for back pay and front pay (what you would have earned), as well as damages such as infliction of emotional distress, damage to reputation and attorney fees.

You Didn't Sign Up For This. You Don't Have To Stand For It.

Victims of sexual harassment are sometimes further victimized by the response from management, fellow workers or the harasser. We will support you through every step of the process, from reporting the unwanted behavior to initiating a lawsuit. You have nothing to apologize for and you should not have to suffer in silence or quit your job. The harasser and the employer need to make it stop and make it right.

If you have been a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, contact Harrisburg lawyer Ben Andreozzi for a free, confidential consultation. Call us toll free at 800-724-5785, or contact us online. We have offices in Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. We will represent you anywhere in the U.S.