Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America helps establish one-on-one mentoring between adult "Bigs" and their "Littles." By the nature of Big Brother Big Sister programs, much of the "Big" and "Little" one-on-one contact is unsupervised. Sadly, child predators often infiltrate youth-serving organizations like the Big Brothers Big Sisters that provide unmonitored contact with children. Child sexual abuse is an inherent risk in youth-serving programs for this reason.

Failure to Protect Children

By the 1970s, the Big Brothers Big Sisters knew of the risk of sexual abuse and began to study child sex abuse within the organization. In fact, Big Brothers Big Sisters has acknowledged for decades that "Littles" are at high risk of abuse.

Despite Big Brothers Big Sisters awareness of this problem, not until recently did the organization publicly acknowledge the sexual abuse risk children faced as "Littles." Also, if Big Brothers Big Sisters did not adequately screen a "Big" with a history of sexual misconduct or other red flags, the organization can be liable for abuse suffered by a "Little."

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