A million thanks for all you have done for me through this long process. The work you do helps people heal, thus changing their lives forever. Finally standing up for myself has given me my life back. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for helping me every step of the way!


Sometimes in life you come across someone who makes such an impact that it not only changes your life, but theirs as well. For months we presented our case to three different high-profile lawyers and everyone of them had the same answer: "I'm sorry, but we do not have a case here." Out of sheer luck we came across Ben Andreozzi who not only gave us confidence in our case but gave us the understanding that he would pursue this matter night and day. Although we had little chance, Ben Andreozzi always felt that our voice needed to be heard. Ben Andreozzi showed so much compassion toward this case, I knew we found the right guy. As a client I was surprised on how much Ben knew about the law and what connections he had through the private sector as well as the community. As a person, I believe that I have made a friend for life. He not only heard our case and showed so much compassion and understanding toward us, but he settled a multimillion-dollar lawsuit when others would not even give a chance at all. So I thank Ben Andreozzi for allowing our voice to be heard, and finally allowing us to bring closure to this horrific period of our lives of abuse. Thanks to Ben and his commitment to the case, we can now all move on and celebrate life itself.


Hey buddy. I had this composed a few times and somehow never sent it. You will never truly know how you have changed my life personally and even emotionally. I could never thank you enough. I recently read the letter I wrote when we were going through it all. Seriously brought me to my knees. Cried like a baby. But before this all happened and you came in and helped, I was a seriously troubled guy. It really never dawned on me that yes I had something haunting me. I really found closure seeing him in court and knowing he was headed away for basically life. Even though I did not choose to speak that day. In my heart and head I cursed him and wished anything and everything bad on him.


Ben showed great compassion and understanding throughout the proceedings of our case. He was sensitive to the issue of sexual abuse, and I never would've imagined the outcome we received thanks to his diligence and his passion for the rights of those not able to speak out for themselves. Ben took the time to explain things we didn't understand and told us the truth, even when it wasn't what we wanted to hear. He advised us in an honest and forthright way. He truly went above and beyond all our expectations and what most lawyers would do. He went the extra mile because he believed in the rights of others outweighing the hunger of greed. Ben is a lawyer whom I would recommend to friends, family and others. Anyone who wants that extra attention to feel that their case matters should choose Ben to represent them. I am eternally grateful to Ben for all he did for our son, the way he fought for him and us, and for the settlement he got for us. Ben listened to our pleas, and felt our pain, and fought against the injustice that was done.


This letter is to tell you, how much I appreciate your willingness to listen and to find justice for my son who was a victim of child molestation 20 years ago.

It took 20 years before the police arrested and stopped a child molester.

Thank you, Ben Andreozzi, for being a compassionate attorney who really understands the devastating consequences sexual abuse can have on a person's life and family.

My son dreamed of the day that his voice would be heard and validated and to have someone speak up for him.
Ben Andreozzi you did just that.

Thank you for helping my son get his life back.