We Represent Crime Victims In Civil Lawsuits

Businesses that cater to the public have an obligation to prevent violent crime on their property through adequate security measures, like lighting, security guards, metal detectors, and more.

When a business fails to take those precautions, innocent victims are unnecessarily exposed to crimes of violence, from muggings and sexual assaults to stabbings and shootings.

Experienced Lawyers Providing Aggressive Representation For Victims Of Crime

Our firm has brought personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits against a wide range of commercial entities and property owners, such as:

  • Nightclubs and bars: Assaults and shootings frequently occur inside and directly outside of nightclubs and bars, resulting in serious injury or death. Too often, venues do not have enough bouncers, metal detectors, or other simple security measures to prevent such incidents.
  • Apartments and housing complexes: Landlords have a duty to keep tenants and guests safe, via a secured entry, lighting and other security measures. Violent crime victims can sue their apartment buildings' owner or manager if they fail to put security in place.
  • Hotels and Resorts: Hotels and resorts have a duty to protect guests from violent crime. Failing to take appropriate measures to deter criminal activity can render the establishment legally liable.
  • Shopping malls: Often, owners of retail properties know that criminal activity is regularly occurring on their premises but fail to implement security.
  • Banks: As prime targets for robbery, banks must have comprehensive security plans in place to protect their patrons and employees as much as reasonably possible from an armed robber.
  • Security Companies: The point of hiring a security firm is to protect ourselves against violence. When an attack occurs because of inadequate staffing or training, failure of security equipment or other negligence, those contractors are liable for injuries.

Effective Representation For Crime Victims

Our attorneys represent victims of crime in Pennsylvania, including Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. We are committed to holding businesses, property owners, government entities and private organizations accountable for failing in a duty to promote safety. Call us toll free at 877-214-3238, or contact us online.