For the last several years, lawmakers around the country have begun enacting laws to address “revenge porn.” Previously, most states lacked laws that criminalized “revenge porn” specifically, which allowed perpetrators to avoid prosecution. In some states, these new laws also provide victims with civil remedies against their harassers. In 2014, Pennsylvania joined this growing trend and passed Act 115 of 2014, which provided “revenge porn” victims with criminal and civil remedies. The law makes it illegal to disseminate intimate images of former sexual or intimate partners with the intent to harass the victim. The new act also gives the victims the right to sue the disseminator in civil court. The text of Act 115 is available here.

As was recently reported, a PSU Fraternity posted photos of nude unconscious women on Facebook. Act 115 may give the victims an opportunity to pursue criminal charges against members of the fraternity, as well as civil lawsuits for damages. The PSU Fraternity’s victims may also be able to pursue lawsuits against the fraternity or its members under other legal theories.

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