Currently, victims of sexual abuse in Pennsylvania may pursue a civil case arising out of their abuse until they turn thirty. Many, many survivors are unable to confront their sexual abuse until many years after that, so potential clients are often left without recourse. That could all change, however, if Pennsylvania victims’ advocates, ourselves included, are able to push through reforms to the current statute of limitations. One bill currently winding its way through the Pennsylvania legislature would extend the statute until a victim turns fifty.

As is now well-known, Bill Cosby has been accused of sexual assault by dozens of women. Most, unfortunately, are barred by civil and criminal statutes of limitations from confronting Cosby in court since the assaults occurred many decades ago. This could change for multiple victims of Pennsylvania enacts statute of limitations reform that extends the time-period for filing a lawsuit.

A civil lawsuit can be a powerful tool for exposing a hidden predator like Cosby is alleged to be. Recently, a judge released documents from a decade old civil lawsuit filed against Cosby by Andrea Constand, in which it was revealed that Cosby seems to admit purchasing drugs to “use” on women. This information was learned during a civil deposition, even though no criminal charges have been filed against Cosby.

If Pennsylvania’s legislature enacts statute of limitations reform, Cosby’s victims may, for the first time, have an opportunity to confront Cosby in court and hold him accountable.

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