Police in Pittsburgh are investigating the sexual abuse of seven patients at UPMC Mercy. A former patient sitter, William Butler, has been accused of indecent assault and aggravated indecent assault. He has since been fired from the hospital. One of the victims of the assault is now suing UPMC for failing to protect her from being sexually assaulted by Butler.

Unfortunately, the abuse of sick or elderly hospital patients is common. Sexual predators often capitalize on the vulnerability and trust of patients to commit abuse. Hospitals have a duty to enact adequate policies and procedures to protect patients from sexual abuse. If a hospital fails to protect their patients from abuse, victims may have civil remedies against the hospital.

Andreozzi + Foote represents sexual abuse victims in lawsuits against hospitals for negligently enabling abuse. Our firm is well-known for its work on behalf of sexual abuse victims, including representing 11 of Jerry Sandusky’s victims. We are also representing the families of murdered love ones in several cases. If you believe you or a loved one has been a victim of a crime and are interested in exploring a potential civil lawsuit, please contact me immediately at [email protected]