As has recently been reported, a man has recently been indicted for making child pornography at Dorner Park for the last ten years.  Kurt Eichert, 51, of Wyndmoor, allegedly filmed children changing at the park starting from 2005 until this September, and then distributed the videos as child pornography online.

Amazingly, Eichert was charged in 1996 with similar crimes for filming teenagers changing at the Wildwater Kingdom, Dorney Park’s water park.  He pled guilty to those charges.

Although Eichert did not work for Dorney Park, the Park may face liability for allowing Eichert’s conduct to continue.  The Park is not commenting on how Eichert regained access to the Park after his 1996 arrest, but it is safe to assume the Park did not adequately insure Eichert did not have access to children changing at the park.  Parents of children who attended the park over the last decade should immediately consult with a sexual abuse lawyer.

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