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Co-owner of The Woods Campground in PA Charged with Sexually Assaulting a Child

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The Woods Campground in the Pocono Mountains, Lehighton, Pennsylvania opened in 2004 as a clothing-optional and adult-only camping resort.

That begs the question how a child ended up there in the first place, let alone being sexually abused by one of the campground’s owners, Patrick Gremling.

Gremling, of Jim Thorpe, PA, currently 54 years old, is accused of sexually abusing a middle schooler at the campground in 2011.  The victim is now an adult and recently reported Gremling to the police.

Patrick Gremling Accused of Sexual Abuse in Pennsylvania

It is alleged that Gremling made several admissions regarding the sexual abuse during a 32-minute wiretapped phone call between the victim and Gremling.

The victim, whose name and gender are not being reported to protect their identity, said they were brought to the resort in 2011 to assist in preparing the campground for winter.  Gremling abused the child that night in a camper on the property where the child spent the night.

Gremling also abused the victim in 2009 in a home in New Jersey.  Both times he told the victim to “never tell anyone”.

Gremling was charged with one felony and two misdemeanors relating to indecent assault, as well as corruption of minors.  He was released from Carbon County Jail after posting $50,000.00 bail.

Gremling is scheduled to appear before The Honorable William J. Kissner on January 19th for his Preliminary Hearing.

It is not uncommon for childhood victims of sexual assault to wait until later in life to disclose their abuse, for a variety of reasons.  Many times, the sexual abuse individuals suffer as children is their first sexual experience.

It may not be until later in life that they fully understand the abuse that was inflicted upon them.  Shame, humiliation and fear often keep victims from discussing their abuse.

If you or a loved one have any information relating to Gremling’s abuse, you should contact law enforcement.  You should also contact the law firm of Andreozzi + Foote to discuss a potential civil case relating to the abuse.

Our firm has handled countless cases against organizations who have enabled sexual abuse of minors.

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