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Feds Conclude Investigation, Issue Fines In Penn State Scandal

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The Sandusky scandal is far from over. Feds recently concluded an investigation that dug into whether or not Penn State followed laws designed to help keep our youth safe while at educational institutions.

Ultimately, the feds have concluded that Penn State did not meet these obligations. As such, the iconic institution is facing fines of over $2 million.

What Was This Investigation About?

This investigation focused specifically on whether or not officials with Penn State followed requirements for reporting potential criminal activity. Such laws are designed to both help protect those who attend these universities as well as guide those employed at these institutions on what should or should not be reported.

More specifically, investigators were checking to see if it followed the Clery Act. This law requires that colleges and universities disclose security issues and give warnings if there is a threat on campus.

What Were The Findings Of The Investigation?

A recent report in The Washington Post discussed the investigation, noting the University was found to fail its duty to report incidents and crime statistics during the three year period spanning from 2008 to 2011.

This violation alone comes with a recommended penalty of $2.1 million.

What Does This Mean For Victims Of Sexual Abuse?

The fact that Penn State continues to be held accountable for its failings to the community can provide some comfort to victims.

Victims may also find solace in the fact that these investigations have encouraged the institution to make changes. In a statement, the University says that the “safety and security of our University community is a top priority” and that the scandal has allowed the institution to review its procedures and make changes where needed, strengthening the school’s programs and better ensuring those attending this institution are protected.

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