New Jersey Catholic Church & Sexual Abuse

New Jersey’s Catholic Dioceses have engaged in a decade’s long cover-up of child sexual abuse by catholic clergy. As a result, in September 2018, New Jersey announced the creation of a special task force to investigate allegations of priests’ child sexual abuse within New Jersey’s Catholic dioceses, and Catholic officials’ efforts to cover up that abuse.

There Are Deadlines To File A Claim

In May 2019, New Jersey’s governor signed a law that dramatically changed the legal landscape for catholic clergy abuse victims in the state. Under New Jersey’s new law, child sexual abuse survivors will have a two-year “window” to sue their abusers and the Church starting December 1, 2019.

New Jersey’s Catholic Dioceses have also established sexual abuse “compensation funds” for survivors. Survivors who desire to file a compensation claim have until December 31, 2019. Claimants must register for the program by October 31, 2019.

We currently represent many New Jersey Catholic Church abuse victims. If you or a loved one is a victim of childhood sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, call us to schedule a consultation at 877-214-3238, or fill out the form.

Diocese of Camden

Father Joseph P. Barber

Father Michael Barber

Father Claude J. Bender

Father John P. Bernard

Father R. Henry Blaszczynski

Father John F. Bloh

Father Marjan L. Bober

Father John D. Bohrer

Father Joseph J. Brennan

Father William B. Cannon

Father Gerald P. Clements

Father Norman T. Connelly

Father John P. Connor

Father Michael H. D’Amico

Father Charles J. Davis

Father Kenneth Demarest

Father Vincent A. Doyle

Father Eldridge T. Evans

Father Francis J. Flemming

Father John E. Follett

Father A. Richard Gerbino

Father Edward Gillespie

Father Roy T. Hardin

Father Thomas M. Harkins

Father James Francis Hopkins

Father Francis “Frank” X. Hudson

Father Edward A. Igle

Father A. William Johnson

Father John P. Kelly

Father Charles E. Kuhl

Father Dermott F. Lyons

Father Edward Lucano

Father Patrick J. Madden

Father Anthony J. Manuppella

Father Phillip A. Matthews

Father Francis A. McCloskey

Father Charles P. McColgan

Father John J. McElroy, Jr.

Father Joseph McGarvey

Father Francis J. McLaughlin

Father James P. McIntyre

Father Daniel F. M. Millard

Father Laserian Nwoga

Father John J. O’Sullivan

Father Joseph Orsini

Father Peter J. Osinski

Father Timothy E. Pisik

Father Walter T. Reilly

Father Dennis J. Rigney

Monsignor Phillip T. Rigney

Father Glendon E. Robertson

Father James R. Ryan

Father Francis L. Salamandra

Father Robert J. Schmid

Father Augustus Scott

Father Augustine J. Seidenberg

Father Joseph E. Shannon

Father Donal Sheehan

Father John E. Smith

Father Walter Smith

Father Antoine St. Germain

Father Brendan V. Sullivan

Father William D. Titmas

Father Alfred J. Vasapolli

Father Patrick J. Weaver

Diocese of Metuchen

Father John M. Banko

Father John J. Casey

Father Michael J. Cashman

Father Raymond L. Cole

Father Mark J. Dolak

Father Kevin P. Duggan

Father George A. Farrell

Father Thomas P. Ganley

Father John C. Giordano

Father John Huels

Father Anthony Kramarz

Father Patrick J. Kuffner

Father Gregory J. Littleton

Father Michael P. Santillo

Father Dann Rossi

Archdiocese of Newark

Father Robert Alcamo

Sister Andre

Father Jorge Batista

Father James T. Benedetto

Father John X. Bergeur

Father Vincent Bonelli

Father John C. Bouton

Father Michael G. Campanalonga

Father John M. Capparelli

Father James A. Carey

Father Robert H. Chabak

Brother John B. Chaney

Father Peter A. Cheplic

Robert “Br. Edmund” Coakley

Father Dennis E. Cocozza

Father Absalom Coutinho

Father Robert William S. Crouse

Brother John H. Dagwell

Father Hadmels R. DeFrias

Father Joseph DiPeri

Father Yusaf Dominic

Father John J. Donohue

Father William J. Dowd

Father Thomas F. Duffy

Father Edward J. Eilert

Father David A. Ernst

Father Joseph P. Fagan

Father John Flanagan

Father Michael C. Fugee

Father Lawrence Gadek

Father Richard Galdon

Father Manuel Gallo-Espinoza

Father William Giblin

Father Robert G. Gibney

Father Augustine Giella

Father Charles P. Granstrand

Father Alan Guglielmo

Father Kevin A. Gugliotta

Father Charles W. Hartling

Brother Jerome “Jerry” Heustis

Brother Andrew Hewitt

Father Eugene P. Heyndricks

Father Charles J. Hudson

Brother Vincent Jerome

Father John E. Komar

Father Kevin Kortina

Father James F. Kuntz

Father John J. Laferrera

Father Rene Cavalcanti de Lima

Father Francis T. Maione

Father Robert Marotta

Father Kenneth L. Martin

Deacon John R. McAulay

Father William McCann

Father Horacio Daniel Medina

Father Richard J. Mieliwocki

Father John J. Morel

Father Robert Morel

Deacon Thomas Mousley

Father John P. Nickas

Father Michael J. O’Brien

Brother Timothy Joseph O’Sullivan

Father Contardo Angelo Omarini

Father Keith F. Pecklers

Sister Regina

Father Thomas H. Reilly

Father Jesus Orlando Rengifo

Father Joseph P. Rice

Father Gerald P. Ruane

Father Mario Salazar

Father Carmen Sita (a.k.a Gerald Howard)

Father Thomas Stanford

Father Edward Stanley

Father Robert Stauffer

Father Gerard J. (a.k.a. Gerald) Sudol

Father Robert Svec

Father Peter M. Walsh

Father Michael M. Walters

Brother Benedict Worry

Father Robert E. Zasacki

Verdicts and Settlements

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When you and your child are victims of a horrid crime it’s hard to understand why things are the way they are. Information and answers are what you want, but unfortunately the system doesn’t offer that. Nathaniel has fielded and patiently listened to a broken mother wanting nothing more than for someone to help her understand why she has no answers, and through these phone calls Nathaniel has been very informative, honest and upfront. I would recommend Nathaniel and this firm to anyone who is seeking answers, help and professionalism in a firm when going through such difficult times.

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