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The Catholic Church’s Own Lists Of Accused Clergy Is Shocking

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The sexual abuse and misconduct scandal in the Catholic Church has been well-reported. But the number of priests and clergy accused of sexual misconduct was still greatly underestimated.

Now, lists of accused clergy are being released and the names are starting to become public. There are many more Church officials caught up in the scandal than was previously assumed to be the case.

The Number Of Names Surprised Everyone But The Victims

For example, recently fifty-seven priests were on the list that was posted on the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse’s website. The names were all those of clergy who had been credibly accused. There were none who were still in the ministry, and most had passed away. The New York Times recently reported on the release of this list.

But that was not the only list, as other Diocese began to release the names of accused clergy in their areas, as well. All total, there have been thousands of names released across the U.S.

Despite Extensive Names, There Is Still No Complete List

It is very likely that there are more names that should have been added to the list. Not everyone who has been a victim of sexual abuse is willing to talk about it, and it is a very personal choice. For those who came forward and addressed the issue openly, though, seeing the names of their accusers made public may have helped them to heal.

Speaking With An Attorney Can Help You Move Forward

Anyone who has been sexually abused by a priest or member of the clergy deserves to have their voice heard, whether they want to discuss it publicly or in the privacy of their attorney’s office. They also deserve to receive compensation for the pain and suffering they have endured.

If you are a victims of sexual abuse, you can see if your abuser is on one of these lists of clergy from New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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