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Christopher Rodriguez, UCLA Teacher Arrested Child Sex Abuse


Christopher Rodriguez, a longtime employee of UCLA’s Early Care and Education Department, was arrested on suspicion of sexual abuse of a child. The UCLA Police Department arrested Christopher Rodriguez following reports of “concerning behavior” and “inappropriate contact with a minor student.” ¬†Rodriguez’s charges include:

  • five misdemeanor charges,
  • including false imprisonment,
  • battery,
  • willful cruelty to a child,
  • and two counts of sexual battery.

The charges stem from Rodriguez’s alleged actions within the university’s child-care program. Rodriquez worked at the university‚Äôs Krieger Center from 1999 to 2001, then at the University Village Early Care and Education Center until 2020, when he returned to the Krieger Center until he was put on leave.

UCLA’s Response and Investigation to Christopher Rodriquez:

Upon receiving reports from concerned staff members, UCLA promptly placed Rodriguez on administrative leave, prohibiting his return to the Early Care and Education Department. The university initiated an investigation, and Rodriguez has been on leave since December 18, 2023.

Historical Concerns and UCLA’s Ongoing Commitment:

This incident is not the first time UCLA’s child-care program has faced scrutiny. In 2016, parents demanded an investigation into alleged abrupt teacher transfers, while reports of staff members grabbing children were also raised.

What Are Your Rights if You Were a Victim of Christopher Rodriquez:

These concerns raise whether or not UCLA is negligent in protecting children in their daycare. You may have the right to file a suit against UCLA DayCare.

At Andreozzi + Foote, we believe in empowering victims of sexual assault to come forward and seek justice. As a result, we encourage those impacted to come forward and learn about options.




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