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Andreozzi & Associates, P.C., is a law firm that focuses its practice on representing innocent victims of sexual abuse and crime in civil cases. The firm is dedicated to holding perpetrators and the institutions which empower them accountable for their actions. We have handled several high profile cases, including representing eleven of Jerry Sandusky's victims in the Penn State case and dozens of survivors of clergy abuse in the Diocese of Pennsylvania and New York. In addition, the firm has successfully pursued cases against one of the nation's largest child care service providers, an international hospitality company, and many other large and powerful businesses and institutions.


“Thank you. I truly do appreciate all the opportunities you have given me over the past few years and have been absolutely incredible. I am doing everything in my power not to let all the opportunities you have given me go to waste. I'm starting intensive mental health counseling to get myself right again so I can live somewhat of a "normal" or at least healthy life again”. Read More

“Sometimes in life you come across someone that makes such an impact, that it not only changes your life, but theirs as well. For months we presented our case to three different high profile lawyers and everyone of them had the same answer, “I’m sorry but we do not have a case here.” Out of sheer luck we came across Ben Andreozzi who not only gave us confidence in our case by gave us the understanding that he would pursue this matter night and day.”. Read More

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We are routinely referred cases from other law firms that understand the importance of having an experienced sexual abuse and crime victim's attorney handle these sensitive cases. By narrowing our practice to only representing clients in sexual abuse and crime victim cases, we have acquired substantial knowledge, insight, and experience which we use to our client's advantage. We believe that the complex legal and emotional issues presented in these cases require that they be handled with extreme care and by a law firm that has represented countless sexual abuse and crime victims. Call us toll free at 800-724-5785 to connect with one of our lawyers.

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Experienced Sexual Abuse And Crime Victim Lawyers

Andreozzi & Associates, P.C., is committed to obtaining justice for people harmed by the intentional acts or negligence of others. This can be done by obtaining compensation for victims and forcing institutions to change the way they operate. By insisting upon accountability, the firm is able to pave a road to recovery for its clients and prevent others from being victimized in the future.

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We offer free case evaluations. We can help you achieve accountability and recover the monetary damages you need for medical care and counseling, lost earnings, and pain and suffering. We have offices in Harrisburg, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. We also represent our West Coast clients out of our office in Phoenix, Arizona. Our experience includes:

  • Child Sexual Abuse: Every childhood sexual abuse victim is left with lifelong emotional scars. Turn to us for the aggressive representation you need to seek the justice you deserve. We hold perpetrators and institutions accountable. We represent clients in these types of cases across Pennsylvania and Arizona. We will protect your rights and fight aggressively on your behalf.

  • Sexual Assault and Rape: We have the resources and experience needed to represent clients in complex cases involving sexual assault and rape. Our firm has been responsible for significant recoveries on behalf of sexual assault and rape victims across Pennsylvania and in Arizona.

  • Victims of Crime: We represent victims of assaults, homicides, robberies, financial fraud, and other crimes in civil cases. Often, business and property owners may be liable for failing to prevent injuries that result from crime on their premises. We handle cases against bars, nightclubs, apartments, hotels, shopping malls, banks, and other entities that fail to protect their patrons and customers from criminals.

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