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Joshua Leduc Charged With Sex Crimes At Bethel United Church Of Christ

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Evansville, IN Teacher Charged with Sex Crimes at Bethel United Church of Christ

In August 2022, Joshua Leduc was arrested by Evansville, Indiana police and charged with sexually abusing a 4 year old girl.

Leduc was reportedly a teacher at Bethel United Church of Christ Preschool, in Vanderburgh County, Indiana.

Joshua Leduc Used A Cabinet Door To Shield Himself From Cameras

According to reports, Leduc used a cabinet door to hide from surveillance cameras at Bethel United Church of Christ to commit his abuse. He gave children candy to reward their participation in his sexual crimes.

Given the presence of security cameras in the location of Leduc’s abuse of the young girl, questions remain as to the Church’s supervision of Leduc and the location of the abuse. If the Church failed to adequately monitor or supervise Leduc, the Church may face responsibility for his abuse.

It remains unknown at this time if Leduc will be charged with abusing other children.

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