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Allegations of Sexual Abuse at St. John the Apostle School


The Catholic Diocese of Richmond announced allegations of sexual abuse involving students at St. John the Apostle School.  Court records from a 2021 sexual abuse case involving the school indicated the school had prior knowledge.

Previous Case from 2021 at St. John the Apostle School

According to court documents from Virginia Beach, Vince Jakawich faced a felony charge of aggravated sexual battery of a minor in the summer of 2020. The records reveal that Jakawich, a parent with children attending St. John the Apostle School, requested to return to the school grounds, which was denied based on the Commonwealth Attorney’s proffer that the alleged victim was enrolled at the school.

Jakawich, who was an active-duty servicemember in the United States Navy at the time, immediately turned himself in following the charges. Despite these serious charges, Virginia Beach Child Protective Services interviewed both Jakawich and the alleged victim, ultimately determining the abuse allegations to be unfounded.

Recent Allegations About St. John the Apostle School

A day after these details emerged, the Catholic Diocese of Richmond confirmed they are dealing with new allegations of sexual abuse at St. John the Apostle School. The adult at the center of this investigation is now deceased, and law enforcement is involved.

As a result, Fr. Rob Cole, Pastor of St. John the Apostle parish, is on leave as the investigation unfolds.

Can I File A Lawsuit Against The School?

Yes. You might have rights if you were a victim at the school.

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