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Damascus Christian School Coaches Charged with Sexual Abuse


David and Rachel Wakefield, both coaches of the Damascus Christian School in Clackamas County girls’ basketball team, face charges of sexual abuse towards a student. The couple’s prominent roles within the school and the ongoing investigation revealed that there may be additional victims.

Damascus Christian School Accusations:

David, 60, and Rachel, 54, were charged this week with sexually abusing a student between January 2013 and June 2017. The indictment brings serious charges, with David facing 20 counts of second-degree sexual abuse and Rachel facing ten counts of the same charge. The accusations have cast a shadow over Damascus Christian School, prompting reflection on the safety of students within educational institutions.

Prominent Roles at Damascus Christian School:

David Wakefield’s history at the small, private school is extensive, having served as a former principal and athletic director. Rachel Wakefield, a substitute teacher and coach, added her contribution to the school’s community. Their roles as coaches for the girls’ basketball team have raised concerns about the potential exploitation of authority figures and the need for stringent safeguards.

Seeking Additional Victims:

Detectives investigating the case suspect there may be more victims and actively seek tips from the public.

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