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Julie Rizzitello, Second NJ Teacher Arrested Within Week


Julie Rizzitello, a 36-year-old  teacher at Wall Township High School in New Jersey, Rizzitello is facing two counts of second-degree sexual assault, third-degree witness tampering, and three counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual contact. Rizzitello taught English for over 11 years in the district.

You are not alone if this teacher has impacted you.

Current Status of Statute Of Limitations in New Jersey

In New Jersey, the statute of limitations for child sexual assault victims has undergone significant changes to provide more support and justice to survivors. As of December 2019, New Jersey law allows victims of child sexual assault to file a civil lawsuit up until the age of 55 or within seven years of discovering the abuse, whichever is later. This extension offers a broader window for victims to seek legal recourse, recognizing the long-lasting impact of such trauma. In cases involving teachers assaulting children, New Jersey has stringent laws and penalties to address these grievous acts. Schools are mandated to report any allegations of sexual misconduct immediately, and educators found guilty face severe criminal charges, professional disciplinary actions, and permanent revocation of their teaching licenses. These measures aim to protect students and ensure that perpetrators are held accountable, creating a safer educational environment.

Can a Civil Lawsuit Help Victims Seek Justice for the Trauma They May Have Experienced By Julie Rizzitello?

By initiating legal action, survivors can hold institutions that may have enabled or failed to prevent the abuse accountable for their actions. Civil suits allow victims to seek compensation for the physical, emotional, and psychological harm they have endured.

Additionally, these lawsuits contribute to raising awareness about the prevalence of sexual abuse and fostering a culture that prioritizes the safety and well-being of individuals over organizational interests. As a result, survivors gain a platform to share their experiences.  Thereby challenging the culture of silence surrounding sexual abuse and empowering others to come forward.

Can I File A Lawsuit Against the School?

Yes.  If you were a Julie Rizzitello victim, you might have rights.

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