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Andreozzi + Foote is thrilled to relaunch our business into the world with a brand-new logo, announce our core values and core focus which are:

Core Values – Responsive, Compassionate, Trusted, Credible, Cohesive, Great Results
Core Focus – Life changing result for victims and their families.

As one of the nation’s leading law firms for victims of sexual abuse, Andreozzi + Foote seeks to provide a voice to survivors so they may find justice, accountability, and healing. The firm is led by two skilled trauma informed lawyers, Ben Andreozzi and  Nathaniel Foote.

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Firm History

Benjamin Andreozzi

Benjamin Andreozzi 2023 profile photoBen’s legal career started over 20 years ago.  While he quickly advanced to working at a large Philadelphia based law firm, he felt something was missing.  Ben felt unfulfilled by the work, which largely involved representing insurance companies and businesses.  Realizing that the reason he went to law school was to advocate and fight for people, not organizations, Ben took a leap of faith and decided to start a law firm.

It was not until 2008, that Ben’s purpose and the mission of the firm became clear.  In that year, a former student at a private school came forward to Ben Andreozzi and disclosed that he had been sexually abused by a volunteer at the school. The victim had consulted with other civil attorneys who would investigate the young man’s case, but essentially gave up because they feared the legal challenges, including the statute of limitations. Statute of limitations is a timeframe that limits the ability to bring certain kinds of legal action against an offender or institution.

After hearing the young man’s story, Ben knew he had to find a path to justice.  Failing was not an option.   Ben spent morning, noon, and night in search of creative loopholes to navigate the legal problems which had caused others to drop the case.   He also found other victims of the same perpetrator who courageously came forward, shared helpful information, and sought to pursue their own cases.  Ben was able to bring that case to a very favorable resolution for that young man and many others who were abused by that perpetrator.

What happened after the case resolved was powerful.   Of course, the settlement did not erase the pain of the abuse.  Yet, Ben watched as the clients used the settlement money on resources to help better their lives.  The clients put themselves on a path toward recovery.  Ben stayed in touch with many of those clients on a personal level for years after.  Some continue to express their gratitude to this day.  Ben realized he had found his calling in life.  The firm needed to focus on representing survivors of sexual abuse in civil cases.

If the firm were to expand into this complex area of law, Ben realized he couldn’t do it alone.  While representing many of Jerry Sandusky’s victims in claims against Penn State University, Ben found an eager and competent law student – Nathaniel Foote – to help.  Nate came from a long line of attorneys.  But he knew that he wanted to do something a little different from his predecessors.  He wanted to represent real people with real problems.  Nate sought Ben’s firm because Ben was doing that – helping deserving people.

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Nathaniel Foote

Nathaniel Foote 2023 Profile PhotoNate’s first client meeting was with the family of a devastated crime victim. Nate was struck by their strength in the face of tragedy. He saw people who deserved help. Nate knew representing crime victims was the kind of work that would make it easy to do his best every day.

Since that meeting Nate has worked with Ben to advocate for crime victims in the courts, with the media, and in the legislature. Nate’s daily mantra is the firm’s guiding principle: life changing results for victims and their families.  Nate is proud of the firm’s work in this regard.  The firm really does change people’s lives.

Ben and Nate’s partnership attracted more great people.  The firm now employs other skilled attorneys and paralegals who share their mission.  The firm is now a leading sexual abuse law firm in Pennsylvania, and throughout the United States.  And the firm’s results speak for themselves.  Ben and Nate received a jury verdict of $88 million for a single sexual abuse survivor.  The verdict set a Pennsylvania record.  The firm is also the only team that has taken sex abuse cases to trial in the western, central, and eastern parts of Pennsylvania.  So, while many attorneys shy away from taking cases to trial, the opposite is true for Ben and Nate. The late Slade McLaughlin, a friend of the firm, once said to “never settle for a lawyer who only knows how to settle.”  Ben and Nate believe in this creed.

While not backing down to the other side, Ben and Nate understand that the most important role of the lawyer is to listen to the client and create a path toward recovery that is specifically designed for that individual survivor.  This usually means settling the case before trial.  It is a delicate balance to press a case for the best resolution while not interfering with a survivor’s recovery, and the firm prides itself on how it is able to carefully navigate this tightrope.  It takes a true mastery of the legal issues presented by individual cases as well as issues related to the client’s trauma to reach the best possible outcome in a case.

To this day, Ben remains active in most aspects of the firm and is committed to overseeing the growth and execution of Andreozzi + Foote’s mission.  He particularly enjoys working with the firm’s attorneys to ensure the best possible resolution is reached for every one of the firm’s clients.

Nate serves as the head of litigation and in this role devises strategies that fit the unique circumstances of each of the firm’s cases.  He has created litigation systems and procedures that allow the firm’s attorneys and paralegals to efficiently seek justice.

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Our Supportive Staff

The firm has two additional associate attorney’s Veronica Hubbard and Renee Franchi.

Veronica Hubbard

Veronica Hubbard 2023 Profile Photo ZoomedWhile in law school Veronica began her legal career by clerking for the judges of the county she grew up in.  Clerking offered an introduction to a wide variety of legal cases and situations.  She then transitioned to a general private practice law firm, focusing on civil litigation and family law.  This experience gave her the opportunity to connect directly with clients during emotionally difficult cases.  She has also served as guardian ad litem, representing the best interests of children in highly contested custody matters, and has argued before the PA Superior Court.

Veronica wanted to continue to make a difference in the lives of her clients and help make the world a safer place, especially for children, which lead her to Andreozzi + Foote.  Veronica believes that holding institutions accountable for allowing and enabling perpetrators of abuse is the best way to stop abuse in the future.

Many of Andreozzi + Foote’s clients have been suffering, sometimes in silence, for years from the abuse they endured.  Helping those clients gain even an ounce of closure through the legal process is one of the most meaningful aspects of Veronica’s career.

Veronica recently helped settle a multi-victim case after years of litigation against a local institution that should have done more to protect several innocent children from a convicted sex offender.  Veronica guided each client through the unfamiliar process to a meaningful outcome that will benefit the clients and their families.  Veronica is proud of the important work the team at Andreozzi + Foote does every day as they fight for justice and a safer world.

When not at work, Veronica enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband, their daughter, and their yellow lab.

Renee Franchi

Renee E. Franchi 2023 Profile PhotoRenee is an attorney at Andreozzi + Foote, representing clients nationally.  She handles litigation on behalf of sexual abuse, violent crime, and human trafficking survivors against an assortment of institutions including, but not limited to, Catholic Diocese and churches, foster care agencies, mentoring organizations, schools, and bars.  Her practice focuses on representing those individuals who have suffered at the hands of corporate and institutional misconduct by bringing claims against those who have failed to protect victims from their perpetrators.  A career-long litigator, Renee’s experience provides her with invaluable knowledge of the trial process and a keen insight into successfully advocating for her client’s rights.

Prior to joining Andreozzi + Foote, Renee served as a Senior Deputy Prosecutor where she prosecuted violent crime and death cases including strangulation, domestic violence, aggravated assaults, and homicides in jury trials.  Renee also has a strong background in appellate advocacy.  While a prosecutor, served as an appellate attorney who briefed, litigated, and argued appeals in the Pennsylvania Superior and Supreme courts as well as Federal courts, as well as defended the integrity of convictions against Post-Conviction Relief Act and Federal Habeas Corpus petitions.  In fact, multiple appeals litigated by Renee have resulted in published opinions.  Renee also worked in a private civil firm, representing plaintiffs in complex civil litigation matters including, but not limited to, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, anti-discrimination, failure to accommodate for disabilities, and white collar and embezzlement cases.

Renee currently serves on non-profit boards in her own time, including currently for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (“NAMI”) York-Adams Counties, as well as Collective Liberty which is dedicated to combating human trafficking and ensuring that survivors have access to necessary resources.  She has also been called upon to speak and present at educational seminars and victims’ advocacy centered trainings.  As a prosecutor, Renee was a member of the team of attorneys who reviewed all incoming investigations of financial abuse of elders.  She also served on the diversionary treatment court teams for the Adult Mental Health Court and Juvenile Drug Court for non-adjudicated youth offenders.  Renee also currently volunteers as an attorney available for pro bono or reduced fee representation in Hague Convention Child Abduction cases, involving the unlawful abduction of children from their place of residence by a parent and working to return the child to their country of residence.

Renee has dedicated her career to serving those populations critically in need of care, services, and at risk of exploitation.  She finds it to be truly gratifying being able to work with those who have been victimized and exploited in order to hold those responsible accountable.

Renee graduated from Boston University with an undergraduate degree in Biology and received her Juris Doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.  Renee is currently admitted to practice law in the state and federal courts of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Colorado, as well as multiple Federal district courts and the United States Supreme Court.

When not at work, Renee enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors.

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Our Dedicated Paralegals

The firm has five incredibly dedicated paralegals. We will be providing more information on each of our staff members this week on our social media channels, so please consider liking and following us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to learn more about these dedicated professionals. We also just launched our YouTube Channel and will be posted weekly video content there so please be sure to like and subscribe to our channel.

It is our hands-on approach that sets us apart from others, we listen to all survivors who reach out for help and seek to find creative ways to obtain justice for all victims and survivors, even if there is no legal path forward., We treat each survivor with the dignity and respect they deserve and give them our full attention.

Through our personalized approach and the time we spend with each client, we have learned that every client has a unique set of circumstances and different ideas of what justice looks like.  Because we take the time to listen to every client to truly get to know them and understand their wants and needs, we can create a case strategy that fits their definition of justice and helps them toward their desired path of healing This approach means that when we meet with our clients, we are open and honest with them, we give a very realistic view of the case and the options they have in their respective case as to not sugarcoat anything or get the client’s hopes up. In sexual abuse cases, trust is paramount, one of the reasons survivors wait to come forward centers around significant violations of trust, our firm will never lead a client to believe we can achieve something that we cannot. Because we understand trauma and the circumstances around sexual abuse cases and survivors, we know that promising more than we can deliver will only lead to more pain and disappointment.

We will fight as hard as we can and ensure the client’s expectations are managed properly so there are no major shocks or surprises and that our clients are informed and empowered every step of the way. Whether the case settles for a million dollars or a dollar, if our clients feel healed and treated properly, that is how we define success.

The other aspect that sets Andreozzi + Foote apart is our willingness to constantly evolve and learn more about trauma and its impact not only on our clients but how it impacts their case, so we are prepared for all tactics defense attorneys bring forth. We stay on top of all current trends and methodologies that assist in survivors’ emotional recovery and when appropriate we strive to connect our clients with programs, advocates, and therapists to ensure they are in the hands of trusted professionals with the adequate trauma informed practices that are proven to help.

Andreozzi + Foote is committed to a holistic approach that gives survivors the legal resources and healing tools that can help shift and, in some cases, change their lives. Our success is stepped in the overall legal and emotional outcomes of the survivors we represent.

To learn more about us and our work, please contact us for a free and confidential consultation today.

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Verdicts and Settlements

Client Reviews

Ben and Nate are great guys. They walked me through the whole process, from beginning til the end. The receptionist and very nice. Answer all my questions and concerns. I will refer them to anyone. Their not like other lawyers that talk around the topic. They tell you just how it is or how they believe it will be. Thank you guys so much.

S. W.

Ben and Nate took their time in handling my case with compassion and care. I never had to wonder what was going on. They always made sure to include me in each and every decision that needed to be made before they were made. Their entire staff was always very polite and knowledgeable. I cannot say enough kind words about Andreozzi + Foote; they are simply the best!

V. B.

One of the best personal injury lawyers in the country. Great experience. Really genuine people at Andreozzi and Associates.

B. E.

Handled our case SO well even though it took a long time to settle, and STILL helps us with paperwork related to the settlement account every now and then. They were honest with us from the get-go, worked REALLY hard on our behalf, and always kept in touch with us about what was going on. So pleased.

S. G.

When you and your child are victims of a horrid crime it’s hard to understand why things are the way they are. Information and answers are what you want, but unfortunately the system doesn’t offer that. Nathaniel has fielded and patiently listened to a broken mother wanting nothing more than for someone to help her understand why she has no answers, and through these phone calls Nathaniel has been very informative, honest and upfront. I would recommend Nathaniel and this firm to anyone who is seeking answers, help and professionalism in a firm when going through such difficult times.

S. L.

Can’t say enough about the kindness and compassion of this law office. They helped me immensely with a difficult case and the level of support they provided me was stellar.

L. A.

It is impossible to put into words our gratitude for Ben and Nate through the most trying time of our life. As scared, confused, and traumatized parents, the isolation and loneliness of litigation are abysmal. In the beginning, everyone surrounding you has endless bright ideas and can’t say enough how you should pursue action, but then when it comes down to it, these cheerleaders are suddenly silent and nowhere to be found in what feels to be your darkest hour. Thank God we had these two extraordinary men at our side from the moment we contacted them. Their friendship, counsel, and sound resolve to do everything they could in order to balance the scorecard meant more than we can ever convey, and is simply immeasurable. If we had known how simple this seemingly horrific ordeal would’ve been with their help from the start, we wouldn’t have agonized a single minute over doing what we did. If you are in a similar position as I’ve described, take advice from someone who’s been through the worst, thankfully with the best. Call them!


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