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Stephen Jordan Creel Former Teacher’s Arrest Child Abuse


Stephen Jordan Creel, a former teacher from Chilton County Michigan, 32-year-old, has recently been arrested on charges of second-degree sexual abuse and harassing communication involving a student. The incident, allegedly in 2023 while Creel was an agriculture teacher at Isabella High School, has raised concerns within the community.

Impact of Stephen Jordan Creel’s Actions:

These egregious acts not only breach the trust placed in educators but also inflict profound and lasting harm on victims. The importance of victims coming forward to seek justice cannot be overstated, as it holds perpetrators accountable for their actions and serves as a crucial step towards preventing further abuses. Encouraging a culture where victims feel empowered to speak out is essential in dismantling the systemic issues that enable such misconduct. Through legal avenues and supportive communities, survivors can find the strength to confront their abusers, fostering an environment that prioritizes the well-being of students and ensures that educational institutions remain safe spaces for growth and learning.

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At Andreozzi + Foote, we believe in empowering victims of sexual assault to come forward and seek justice. As a result, we encourage those impacted to come forward and learn about options.


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