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Alyssa Eve Dupre worker at Pumpkin Patch Daycare Arrested.


Who Is Alyssa Eve Dupre?

Alyssa Eve Dupre is a daycare specialist at Pumpkin Patch Daycare in Eunice, Louisiana. Dupre was arrested and charged with six counts of child cruelty. Tapes of Dupre abusing several children at the daycare led to the arrest.

What we know to be true of child abusers is where there is one victim, there usually are more. The police are urging other victims to come forward.

You are not alone.

Andreozzi + Foote lawyers offer experience and a trauma-informed approach when seeking justice for our clients.

How Can A Civil Lawsuit Help Victims Seek Justice For The Trauma They May Have Experienced By Alyssa Eve Dupre?

Many misunderstandings exist about why a child abuse survivor would file a civil lawsuit.   Child abuse takes away so much from the survivors and families impacted. Our society still struggles to find ways to repair the harm done by individual perpetrators and institutions that have covered up child abuse.

Filing a civil case can be an essential step for survivors and their families in their journey to slowly rebuild their lives and create pathways to healing.  Motivation for filing a civil suit is often questioned and unfairly stereotyped as being “all about money. Filing a civil lawsuit can cast survivors as “money hungry” and is weaponized to shame and blame them even more. This couldn’t be further from the truth for survivors of child abuse. The civil justice system offers victims more than just monetary benefits.  It gives survivors access to justice, validation, exposure, confrontation, and ultimately some resolution. The resolution allows survivors of child abuse to understand and process what happened and create a new path forward without confusion, questions, and fear.

Can I File A Lawsuit Against Pumpkin Patch Daycare?

Yes. You would have rights if you were a victim of Alyssa Eve Dupre while this organization employed her if they had prior knowledge or failed to act on their duty of care for children.

The skilled lawyers of Andreozzi + Foote have experience working with the law in Louisiana.  Don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss your possible legal rights.

We know it can be hard to talk about these experiences. Our compassionate child abuse lawyers are here to listen and provide knowledgeable legal guidance. We provide free, confidential case evaluations where you can learn more about your rights and options under your state’s laws, contact Andreozzi + Foote today.

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