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Another Gymnastics Victim Speaks Out In #Metoo Post

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In the wake of revelations of the outrageous behavior of Harvey Weinstein, who is alleged to have sexually harassed actresses for decades, many people in Hollywood have taken to speaking out against sexual harassment and sexual assault. In short time, the #MeToo campaign has gained significant momentum and attention. Women who have experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault are bravely sharing their experiences in an attempt to raise awareness about the extent of the problem.

Not Just A Hollywood Issue

While the movie and television industry needs radical change to prevent this type of behavior in the future, the scope of the #MeToo campaign makes it clear that sexual assault and sexual harassment are widespread problems that affect women of all ages, experiences and vocations.

For example, on October 18 an Olympic Gold medalist came forward about her experiences in youth gymnastics, which has a long history of child sexual assault.

Another Gymnast Comes Forward About Dr. Larry Nassar

We have previously written about the criminal and unconscionable behavior of Dr. Larry Nassar, who is alleged to have sexually assaulted over 100 patients and is a convicted sex offender found in possession of child pornography. Dr. Nassar “treated” numerous underage female gymnasts and has repeatedly been alleged to have molested gymnasts. In a #MeToo post, Olympic gold medalist McKayla Maroney said Dr. Nassar began molesting her at age 13, and did so prior to her winning a medal at the 2012 London Olympics. It stopped only when she left the sport in 2016.

She wrote of her experience on her verified twitter account.

Holding Perpetrators Accountable

One of the underlying purposes of the #MeToo campaign is to help women who have suffered from abuse and harassment to not feel ashamed of what happened to them. By speaking out, hopefully those institutions responsible for allowing this sort of behavior to occur, from Hollywood to athletic institutions and churches, will be forced to acknowledge that change is needed. At Andreozzi + Foote we support this grassroots movement and hope that it helps women who have experienced abuse in their recovery.

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