Yesterday, the El Paso Times reported the harrowing story of the Huertas, two foster parents recently arrested for sexually abusing children under their care. What’s worse, the story also details the numerous complaints regarding the Huertas’ previous history of sexual abuse, and the inexplicable failure of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services’ utter failure to stop them.

Once children are placed under the care of a state, county, or private children and youth services agency, that organization has a duty to ensure the children are well-cared for. In the Huertas’ case, it appears the state of Texas utterly failed in this regard. For this failure, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services can, and should, be held accountable.

Cases like the Huertas’ have resulted in significant verdicts and settlements for victims of childhood sexual abuse in foster care. In one high-profile case, for example, a victim was awarded $30 million in a case against the Giarretto Institute, a private foster family agency. The institute had failed to adequately screen the victim’s foster parents, who then sexually abused him. This scenario is unfortunately all to common.

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