David Allen Fichter, a maintenance worker at Camp Hope for Kids, has been arrested and charged with abusing a girl six years ago, when the girl was 6 years old.  Fitcher has reportedly admitted to sexually assaulting the girl on almost two dozen occasions, many of them at Camp Hope. Fichter admitted doing so “despite her cries for him to stop,” according to a statement from the local district attorney’s office.  Fichter has been charged with 60 counts, including rape of a child, sexual assault, indecent exposure, and involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, among other alleged offenses.

The victim’s family in this case may have a civil claim arising out of the girl’s abuse.  Now 12, the young victim has until she turns 30 to file a civil claim for damages.  Given his crimes, it is unlikely Fitcher has any assets worth pursuing, but Camp Hope may be jointly liable with Fitcher if the Camp was negligent in hiring, supervising, or retaining Fitcher.  Camp Home likely should have prevented Fitcher from having private access to the victim, which, clearly, he somehow did.  Arguably, if Camp Hope better did its job, the young victim in this case would never have suffered the abuse at Fitcher’s hands.  The victim’s family should contact an experienced crime victim attorney as soon as possible.

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