Over the last several months, multiple staff members and a prison doctor have been arrested for sexually assaulting female inmates at a Pennsylvania state correctional institute in Muncy, Pennsylvania.  SCI Muncy is a medium/maximum security facility for adult female offenders sentenced to prison in Pennsylvania.  Female prisoners are especially vulnerable to sexual assaults.  Their abusers are often in positions of power over them, and they are less likely to be believed if they report abuse due to their criminal histories.

SCI Muncy is a particularly troubled institution.   In August, it was reported that a male staff member was having a sexual relationship with an inmate.  Shortly after, a prison doctor was arrested for sexually assaulting and raping two female inmates.  Now, another male staff member has been arrested for groping an inmate.

John Wetzel, State Corrections Secretary, still has confidence that Muncy is “fully committed” to providing a safe environment for inmates.  Obviously, though, SCI Muncy has failed to do so.  SCI Muncy has failed to adequately screen and train staff on multiple occasions.  Although it is unknown was the perpetrator’s backgrounds may have revealed about their behavior, what’s clear is that more should be done.  A female prisoner has every right to be free from sexual abuse while incarcerated.

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