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Delaware County Woman Assaulted by EMT While in an Ambulance

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Police in Brookhaven Borough, PA have arrested EMT Kevin Hakeem Pressley and charged him with indecent assault, invasion of privacy, harassment and other related crimes.  It is alleged that during an ambulance transportation, Pressley exposed the victim’s breast and took photographs of her.

The victim was reportedly in a semi-conscious state at the time.

Pressley, 24, of Philadelphia, was employed by the Brookhaven Fire Company Ambulance.  According to the criminal complaint, when investigators asked Pressley if they could search his phone for the alleged photos he took of the victim, he made disturbing statements including being involved in illegal firearms purchases.

Brookhaven’s Chief of Police indicated that investigators will look into those statements as well.

Kevin Pressley is held in Delaware County Prison

Pressley’s bail was increased from $50,000.00 to $100,000.00, which he was unable to post.  He is currently being held at the Delaware County Prison.  He is scheduled for a Preliminary Hearing on September 8, 2022.

It is being reported that Pressley worked for other medical providers in the past.  Other potential victims are being asked to contact the Brookhaven Borough Police Department.  Potential victims may also have civil recourse against Pressley’s employers for his assaults.

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