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Supporting Survivors: Maryland Resources for Victims of Clergy Sexual Abuse

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Supporting Survivors: Maryland Resources for Victims of Clergy Sexual Abuse

The attorneys at Andreozzi + Foote focus on representing victims of sexual abuse in a variety of settings, including cases that took place in religious institutions. We know that dealing with the aftermath of abuse is hard and takes incredible strength, but we also know you are not alone. Our legal team is here to help you fight back, and we would also like to share other resources available to sexual abuse survivors in Maryland.

What Resources Are There to Support Survivors of Clergy Sexual Abuse in Maryland?

In Maryland, there are various resources available for survivors of clergy sexual abuse. These resources include counseling services, support groups, and organizations that specialize in assisting survivors and their families. A valuable resource and a great place to start looking for the help you need as a survivor is MCASA (Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault).

MCASA is a federally recognized sexual assault support coalition for the state of Maryland. Their website contains a wealth of information and resources to support survivors and their loved ones. Visit https://mcasa.org/survivors to learn more. They can also be reached at 301-328-7023. Another important resource is TurnAround, Inc., a Baltimore-based organization that also provides support and access to resources for survivors of sexual abuse. Learn more at turnaroundinc.org. In addition, survivors residing in Howard County may contact HopeWorks of Howard County for support and advocacy services by visiting their website, wearehopeworks.org.

Are There Any Support Groups for Clergy Sexual Abuse Survivors?

In addition to a variety of local resources, there are several support groups that cater specifically to survivors of clergy abuse. SNAP (Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests) is an independent peer network of survivors of institutional sexual abuse, meaning they provide peer support for those abused by Catholic priests as well as religious leaders of any faith and institutional leaders, such as teachers.

SNAP also offers in-person support groups in Maryland. Support groups are divided by location, gender, and specific religions or backgrounds, including support for LGBTQ+ survivors. More information can be found on their website at https://www.snapnetwork.org/maryland.

What if I Need Counseling Services but Cannot Afford It?

Mental health professionals can play a crucial role in the healing and recovery process for victims of clergy sexual abuse. Their services provide victims with a safe space to process their emotions, gain insight, and develop healthy coping mechanisms. Counseling can also help survivors navigate the legal system, address any trauma-related symptoms, and regain a sense of control over their lives. Unfortunately, many sexual abuse victims do not seek counseling for fear of not being able to afford the services of a mental health professional.

If that’s the case, Pro Bono Counseling may be able to help. Pro Bono Counseling is a national organization dedicated to providing free, professional counseling services to individuals in need. They offer a variety of services, including individual and family therapy, group counseling, and crisis intervention. The organization provides mental health assistance for everyone, including sexual abuse victims. Their website, https://www.probonocounseling.org/, provides information on how to sign up for free counseling services and additional resources that may be useful for sexual abuse survivors.

Do Clergy Sexual Abuse Victims Have Any Legal Options?

If you or a loved one were a victim of clergy sexual abuse, you may be able to take legal action to recover compensation for the damages, pain, and suffering caused by your abuser. The attorneys at Andreozzi + Foote focus solely on representing victims of sexual abuse and have had great success securing significant verdicts for their clients.

We can help you speak up and hold the clergy member and their religious institution liable for the abuse by filing a civil lawsuit, which would give you a chance to not only recover compensation for what they put you through but also find a sense of justice and closure. If you would like to learn more about your legal options as a clergy sexual abuse victim, contact the attorneys at Andreozzi + Foote for a confidential case consultation at 866-311-8640.

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