Obtaining Life Changing Results
for Victims and Their Families

A Thanksgiving Reflection On Our Core Values

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In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we express our appreciation for the opportunity to impact the lives of those who have experienced sexual abuse and reflect on justice’s importance. Our core value remains creating life-changing results for victims and their families.

Responsive & Great Results

We are privileged to be at the forefront of legal battles against institutions that fail to protect victims of sexual abuse. Our commitment to justice is unwavering. As a result, we have witnessed countless successful outcomes for our clients this year.  The power of the civil justice system is realized as we hold institutions accountable for the harm caused. 


The strength and resilience of the survivors we represent guide our work. Each case we handle is a testament to the courage of those who come forward. The progress we make in empowering survivors to reclaim their lives is a source of immense gratitude for our entire team.

Credible & Cohesive

Achieving justice is a collective effort, and we are thankful for the collaboration and support we receive from our legal team, support staff, and survivors. We are grateful for the help of referring attorneys and advocates nationwide. 


Justice extends beyond courtroom victories. It permeates the lives of survivors and contributes to the broader societal dialogue surrounding sexual abuse. Survivors trust us to be their advocates in the pursuit of justice. We celebrate our work’s impact on fostering awareness, education, and a culture that refuses to tolerate abuse.

Thanksgiving as a Reminder of Hope and Healing

It is an honor to play a role in the healing journey of survivors.

As a result of the devastating impacts of sexual violence, far too many families are at a table with an empty seat. Our hearts are with you.

The pursuit of justice for victims of sexual abuse is not just a legal duty. It is a moral obligation that fills our hearts with gratitude. 

All of us at Andreozzi + Foote wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

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