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Eric Birth Teacher and Coach at Winona Senior High Arrested


Winona Senior High School gym teacher Eric Birth is under arrest for third-degree criminal sexual conduct involving three female high school students. This alarming situation has left victims and their families searching for information on their rights and what steps they can take. Andreozzi + Foote can guide and support those affected. We help them navigate legal processes and understand their rights.

The Allegations Against Eric Birth:

Eric Birth, 29, of Winona, allegedly engaged in sexual relations with three female high school students in 2022, 2017, and 2016 respectively. Birth was each of the students’ track coaches, according to prosecutors. The students, aged 18, 17, and 16 when they were allegedly sexually involved with Birth. The investigation started in January when a former student reported she had been in a sexual relationship with Birth in 2022. During the investigation, the two other students reported allegedly being in a sexual relationship with Birth while in high school.

It’s Sexual Assault:

Teenagers, by their age and developmental stage, lack the legal capacity to provide informed and valid consent in a sexual relationship with a teacher or any adult in a position of authority. The power dynamic inherent in the student-teacher relationship creates an imbalance that undermines the ability of teenagers to make independent and autonomous decisions. The law recognizes this vulnerability, as evidenced by statutory age-of-consent regulations in various jurisdictions.

Know Your Rights:

Right to Safety and Security:

As a victim, your safety and security are of utmost importance. If you fear for your safety, consider seeking a restraining order against the accused. This legal measure can help create a safer environment for you.

Confidentiality and Privacy:

Your identity and personal information should be protected throughout legal proceedings. The law ensures confidentiality for victims of sexual assault, and you have the right to request privacy during court hearings.

Victim’s Compensation Program:

Victims of crime may be eligible for compensation through state programs. These programs aim to assist victims with medical expenses, counseling costs, and other related expenses. Contact local authorities or legal representatives to explore available options.

Filing a Civil Law Suit Against the School:

You have a right to file a civil suit if Winona Senior High School knew about Eric Birth’s conduct and failed to act.  If you or someone you know has been impacted, please get in touch with us. Remember, you are not alone; resources are available to help you through this challenging journey.

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